Assessment and Evaluation Portfolio

The Assessment and Evaluation Portfolio addresses how I use technology to plan and implement effective assessment and evaluation strategies; it references all of the outcomes in ISTE NETS-C 2 and 4.



For the final assignment in EDMT602, I created a technology infusion plan that included both instruction and assessment for student learning objectives. This plan describes work with a Middle School math teacher as she seeks ways to use technology in her Middle School Algebra class.


During this course, I led a series of professional development sessions with the staff at my school, focused on data-driven instruction.This use of technology to collect and analyze student achievement was part of the coursework, and encompassed a number of different work products. Some of the work products from these professional development sessions can be found below:

  • I created an Organization Report, which is my analysis of the organizational setting for the project (location, policies, teacher/administration relations, etc.).
  • I created a Learner Analysis (my analysis of the learners, including factors which affected the way I designed our professional development program
  • You can see notes from our Kick-Off Meeting that collected the ideas for how to focus our data-driven work
  • I created a sample spreadsheet that collects student reading score information from teachers and organizes it by teacher using cross-sheet lookups in a pivot table. This spreadsheet uses all sample data, so it is appropriate to share.
    Student Reading Scores form
  • I went on to create a needs assessment report, followed by Professional Development Program Goals, a Professional Development Program Plan, and an Evaluation Plan for how I collected data evaluating whether or not the measurable goals were met.

Finally, I conducted a a Literature Review on Professional Development  during this course, centered on the ways teachers can grow through their use of TPACK technology development.