Digital Citizenship Portfolio

The Digital Citizenship Portfolio demonstrates that I understand and can develop programs that address the social, legal and ethical issues related to technology within the district/region/state; it references all of the outcomes in ISTE NETS-C-5 and all COE dispositions (COE 3.1 – 3.8).

Several assignments that demonstrate these standards are highlighted below.


During the EDMT627 course taught by Dr. Copeland, we were required to complete a group project which involved designing the technology implementation plan for a school. One part of this project that I was particularly proud of was the work I did individually in considering a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. My position paper on BYOD policy  can be found here.

We also conducted an Internet Safety review as part of the technology implementation planning work for this group project. This was a good opportunity to consider the breadth and depth of security needed, as well as the policies that help users be safe with their passwords and data.


During EDMT602, I produced a podcast episode that examined the new and unique copyright and intellectual property issues posed by widely available 3D printing. Because this new technology allows individuals to make direct 1:1 copies of physical objects, I thought it would be interesting to talk to manufacturers of 3D printers about this question, so I spoke to an array of manufacturers’ representatives at the 2012 International Technology & Engineering Educators Association conference about their thoughts about these complex new intellectual property and digital citizenship issues.

The podcast episode is available to listen to at the link below:

Tech Talk with Bill Van Loo, Episode 1: 3D Printing


During EDMT627, we engaged in a class discussion about Internet Safety using Canvas. For this discussion, we focused on Scott MacLeod’s “26 Talking Points about Internet Safety“.