I am an independent musician, producer and recording engineer. Musically, my style ranges from hip-hop influenced rhythms to uptempo electronic jams to carefully composed ambient soundscapes. I’ve released music on a number of labels, including a compilation appearance on the Planet E compilation “All Access” and a 7″ single on Berlin’s City Centre Offices in 2001 featured the delicate love song “tones (for Sarah)”.

Most of my recorded output is released through chromedecay, the label I run. I also play in company 7, a creative music project by Hans Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Gabriel Craft, Rebekah Craft, and myself.

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bill van loo - ypsilanti by night cover image bill van loo & j. schnable - raindays cover image bill van loo - chromedecay tracks pt2: 2001-2005 cover image bill van loo - 6 strings for a winter's day cover image bill van loo - live at leopold bros cover image bill van loo - chromedecay tracks 1996-2001 cover image

Latest Music Blog Posts

  • new release: heavyweight trouble April 1, 2021
    I am very pleased to announce that my new record “heavyweight trouble” is out now on Bandcamp. You can buy it today, or wait until Bandcamp Friday tomorrow, when Bandcamp skips taking their cut and 100% of the proceeds will go to the causes discussed below. It’ll hit the streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, ...
  • ambient guitar + tape January 21, 2019
      I love being able to get into the studio late at night to try out ideas and relieve stress. Tonight, it was some experiments with ambient guitar + tape, inspired by recent videos by Hainbach. See a few short videos from this evening’s experiments via the chromedecay instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtBhp1khhor/
  • DIY Custom Pedalboard from Reclaimed Wood April 27, 2016
    Check out my latest project video, in which I built a custom pedalboard for my guitar rig using reclaimed wood. The main body is made from two reclaimed bed rails, which appear to be maple. The shelves are from several pieces of reclaimed plywood. I tried making a bowtie (aka butterfly or Dutchman key) for ...