2012 year in review – music


This was an interesting year for me, musically.

Tracking guitar

Bill Van Loo album update – May 2012

I started a new album project in the first 5 months of the year with high hopes of having it done in 12 months (see album updates for January, February, March, April, and May), then I had to put it on hold due to graduate studies and teaching work (see “teaching” year in review for details). I hope to return to this material in early 2013.

Linen Ray

Linen Ray (Ypsilanti, MI) – Band Promo Photo

I also worked on recording and engineering with Linen Ray, a musical project by my good friends Gabriel and Rebekah Craft. I’ve been playing electric and lap steel guitar, and helping them get overdubs recorded.

working on Company 7 material

working on Company 7 material

We finally finishing up the Company 7 recording, concluding with some sweet Rhodes and organ overdubs by Ben King. Next up for that project is getting our tracks mixed down and released. Exciting stuff!

Dan Lukas "Tether" remix

Dan Lukas “Tether” remix

I’ve been working (slowly!) on a remix for Dan Lukas‘s “tether” project. Hopefully will be finishing this up soon!


guitar rig at Bethesda

guitar rig at Bethesda

I continue to play guitar at Bethesda, slowly adding more loops and textures to the mix along as I enjoy the opportunity to worship and serve.