current faves: Phil Wickham and Francis Chan

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Two plugs for things that have been impacting me spiritually lately:

Thanks to one of the fine fellows on Bwack’s Forum, I found out that Phil Wickham released a free acoustic album entitled "singalong". I’m really enjoying it.

phil wickham - singalong
above: my intricately hand lettered CD-R for listening to in the car and kitchen.

Also, thanks to a different fellow Bwack’s Forum member, Chris Sayburn, I came across this video by Francis Chan:

Francis is a delight to watch, and his message really challenged and motivated me. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, and brought me back to the time when I first started to follow Jesus. It reminded me of what it is to follow Him, to really live your life and give things up, make hard decisions, trust God’s goodness.