Guest Interview on MakerCast, the Podcast for Makers


I recently had a great conversation with Jon Berard, the host of the MakerCast podcast. If you’re interested, take a listen to my MakerCast Interview.

To say that Bill Van Loo is multi-talented would be underselling things. Though Bill has switched careers several times over, he is coming up on a decade of teaching. Bill works as a technology and engineering teacher at A2STEAM, a public K-8 school in Ann Arbor, MI. In his personal life, Bill is a photographer, musician, lifetime learner, and maker. This interview with Bill covers a range of topics, including:

– STEM/STEAM programs and their role in eliminating the Skills Gap

– Integrating different domains, especially engineering and the arts

– Learning from failure (and being willing to fail)

– Taking pleasure from small successes

– The evolution of technology, education, and technology education

– The role of community in the learning process

MakerCast Interview with Bill Van Loo