new baby, old music


We have a new addition to our family now: Hannah Elaine Van Loo. She’s 13 days old right now, and is a beautiful addition. I thank God for such an awesome new child.

Not at all related: I figured I would post links to a few unreleased tracks that have been sitting on my hard drive for a long time. They’ll eventually make their way into the downloads section, but for now, you faithful blog readers, you get them exclusively.

Feeling Loverly [a downtempo instrumental from 2001-2002…hip-hop and dubbby in feel – 10.3MB mp3]

A rhodes jam [another dubby hip-hop downtempo instrumental from the same time period as “feeling loverly” – 7.9MB mp3]

bells and chimes rework [a glitchy, beatless piece I worked on without having a place to release it; there’s a part 2, but the rhythm track just doesn’t quite work. maybe someday I’ll finish it and release it as an entire piece…maybe. 3.9MB mp3]

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