on piano, sufjan stevens flint, and sara groves


Thanks to the kind generosity of the parents of my friend and long-time music partner Josh Schnable, my family has a piano. They gave it to us for the price of having it moved, and so for the last few months I’ve been able to sit down and play, as I’m able to make time.

Now, I am not trained at all as a pianist. I’m in the process of self-teaching and learning, though. One thing I’ve been working through for the last week or so is the piano parts to Sufjan Steven’s Flint (For The Unemployed And Underpaid), thanks to the helpful people at the All Good Naysayers! forum.

What a gorgeous song – so sparse, it almost makes you listen while holding your breath. I’m really looking forward to seeing Sufjan on September 11 at the Majestic, even though all reports indicate he’s almost exclusively playing songs from the recent “Illinois”. Perhaps the Michigan audience can convince him to play some Michigan songs.

In other news, Sarah and I got to take an evening away from the kids (thanks to my parents and my aunt and uncle) and see Sara Groves in concert on Saturday. She was truly marvelous – alternating between hilarious, touching, prophetic anectodes and lovely, humourous, and ultimately worshipful songs. She was accompanied by her husband on percussion and their bass player for most of the show, but also played a short set of songs by herself, just voice and piano. I’m excited to hear her new record, coming out in October.

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