Some recent listening


Being a DJ at heart, I tend to clump music together in terms of like-mindedness, and I’m forever putting together playlists in iTunes. Here are a few sets of music I’ve been listening to lately.

First off, some London bizness. I got turned on to Jahaziel last year via the Sphere of Hip-Hop forums, and then that led me to a few other related UK MCs (especially Sammy G, who’s spitting over dubstep and grime rhythms).

Sammy G – Plain an Simple
Silas Zephanias and Jahaziel – YouTube freestyles
Jahaziel – Ready To Live
re:flex the architect
Burial – Untrue

That morphed into digging (virtually) for some old UK jungle to satisfy that mid-90s kick…reading Burial talk about “rollage” in an interview brought back all those moments where you got a rush from hearing breaks chopped up just right. Here are a few things I found (the Photek is especially precious; I have it on 12″ but having no turntables anymore means I haven’t heard that tune in a looooong time).

Doc Scott – Far Way (Fourteen Flavors Of Funk)
Photek – Consciousness
Foul Play – Being With You

I’ve also been listening to a few worship-related records lately, especially these. The United Pursuit Band EP is particularly strong, especially “Running in Circles” and “Story of Grace”.

United Pursuit Band – EP
Jars of Clay – Closer EP
David Crowder*Band – Remedy Live

Finally, I have to give the kids some love…here’s what they’ve been requesting in the car. I’m loving that all 3 kids are consistently requesting “Pocket Calculator” by Kraftwerk…

Ali Dee and The Deekompressors – Go Speed Racer Go (Film Version)
Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock
Michael Jackson – Thriller
The Beatles – Yellow Submarine

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