summer update


Summer is here in full force! I’ve been enjoying my time off quite a lot, trying to make the most of the legendary teacher holiday. Much swimming, reading, and playing with the kids has ensued.

I decided, for one thing, that it was just too hot for hair anymore:

new haircut!

Also, our garage had gotten pretty out of hand. Lots of different projects had left it pretty poor shape, as you can see below:

garage workspace cleanup: before

I spent the better part of an afternoon working on cleaning it up, and it’s in much better shape now:

garage workspace cleanup: after

I still have quite a bit of work to do (notice the left-side countertop, for example) but it’s getting closer. I can’t stand working in a disorganized, messy environment, so it’s got to have some kind of order imposed on it!

Off now to cook dinner and take the kids swimming. Happy summer!