an Ypsilanti day

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Today’s activities have all been strongly grounded in my hometown of Ypsilanti.

This afternoon, my wife and I saw the movie Whip It, much of which was filmed here in Ypsilanti. It was odd, and inspiring, to see familiar places on the big screen (the cul-de-sac around the corner from my house was the location for the main character’s house, the downtown Ypsilanti Library on Michigan Ave was clearly visible during at least one shot, and so on). During filming, the crews were parked just down the street from our house, and my wife even got to meet Drew Barrymore as she was out walking (she complimented our dog, and seemed genuinely nice, according to Sarah’s report).

Tonight, I find myself sitting in Bombadill’s Coffeeshop, which is right next door to the Ypsilanti Library on Michigan Ave. As I work on several articles for the ITEA professional journals (The Technology Teacher and Technology and Children), listening to deep Detroit and Berlin electronic music (Mike Huckaby’s S Y N T H remixes, Studio 1, Deepchord, etc), I can see and feel the city’s life pulsing around me. My view out to Michigan Ave provides a nice counterpoint to the whole thing.

It’s nice to have such a strong sense of place – I love Ypsilanti by night.