favorite albums of 2009


At heart, I’m still a DJ, and what good DJ goes without making lists of favorite music? (examples: 2005, 2006, winter listening, some favorites from early 2009).

As such, I’ve come up with my top records of the year. Here’s this year’s list:

  • United Pursuit Band – EP / Radiance
    I listened to this record (the EP) more than almost any other this year. Amazing, stripped-down, passionate music.
  • Urban Rescue – Urban Rescue
    A phenomenal first release from a young band. Can’t wait to see what they do next!
  • David Crowder*Band – Church Music
    This year’s offering from DC*B was a return to the complex, thematic recordings I love of theirs. Much appreciated on many levels.
  • Christopher Willits – Live on Earth, Volume 1
    Gorgeous live ambient guitar and electronics
  • Jahaziel – Ready to Live
    A fresh UK hip-hop artist whose tracks saw a lot of play this year.
  • Sammy G – Plain an Simple
    Love the intersection of grime, dubstep, and UK hip-hop in one Gospel package.

late arrivals

These records arrived too late (Christmas presents, mostly) to be included, but have the potential for heavy play over the next few months:

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